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Girl Guides Badge Day

Engineering is for Everyone!

 Saturday March 23, 2019


Girl Guides Badge Day at McMaster will allow guides to earn the Inventing and Science badges through a hands-on activities Pathfinders will earn the computers badge through a hands-on activity

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Girl Guide Day: March 23, 2019 Accepting Registrations  Register Now


Girl Guide Project: (earning the Inventing  & Science Badges)

"Tele Graham Bell" (45 min): Participants will learn about the process of ideation to invitation. Looking at the evolution of communication from person-to-person to present day. They will create a simple telegraph device and learn how morse code was used to communicate. 
"Rube Goldberg" (1.5 - 2 hrs): Participants will take the knowledge from the morning session to invent a Rube Goldberg machine in teams. A Rube Goldberg machine is a complex machine designed to do a very simple task. Participants will find out the simple task the day of. The teams will design and invent various components of the Rube Goldberg machine to earn their inventing badge. 

Pathfinders Project: (earning the Computers Badge)

This 2 hour software engineering activity is ideal for Pathfinders. Using exploration based learning, youth will explore applications of STEM, ideation to innovation, and integration of different types of knowledge; improve their creativity, communication, and problem solving skills and garner confidence, curiosity, and lifelong learning. Participants will be learning about web development as they create their own digital portfolio. This project will introduce the basics of website design and development using HTML and CSS. By the end of the workshop, the goal is that participants have acquired the necessary skills to continue on with their boilerplate project to create a responsive website that they can display their resume, projects, or other personal projects.



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Girl Guide and Pathfinder Badge Day

Saturday, March 23, 2019



Working together with Girl Guides of Canada and Actua





It is recommended you park in parking lot i. Event is being held in JHE-Annex (Building 16A). 

Cost is $8.00 for Saturday.

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