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Virtual Go Code Girl

Go CODE Girl provides an exciting free opportunity for girls in grades 7 to 10

 Saturday January 30, 2021


What is CODE? Today, software forms the backbone of our interconnected and digital world. This includes everything from smart machines, to our communication systems and to the cars we drive. Coding is the ability to read and write in a language that a computer can understand so that you can instruct a computer how to perform complex tasks. Learning to code can lead to increased digital confidence, a different way of thinking about problems and the ability to understand and use technology to help develop creative solutions in almost any discipline.

Go CODE Girl will educate, inspire and equip girls with the digital skills, confidence and resources needed to pursue education in technology, computing and engineering.

Students will learn about sound waves and sonar technology, as well as its applications and challenges. This project will connect to the UN Sustainable Development Goal #13 Climate Change, by highlighting sonar’s use in monitoring ocean carbon capture systems for gas leaks. Students will then code in Python to create a simple interactive game that simulates ocean sonar devices. Coding concepts that will be covered include classes, GUI design using Tkinter, and game design.


Camp Availability

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About Go Code Girl


The Go CODE Girl Event will have two sessions, where they will run the same project but at different paces.

Beginner - The first session is meant for beginner coders who have little to no previous coding experience. This session will be sure that no previous knowledge of code is required and will teach participants all of the fundamentals.

Intermediate - The second session is designed for intermediate coders who have previous coding experience. This session will still do a brief overview of the fundamentals needed to complete the project, ensuring all coding levels will be able to participate.


All live sessions will be hosted via Zoom. Our team has worked diligently with McMaster IT services to ensure that all security settings are optimised in order to provide a safe and positive learning environment for both participants and instructors.

The Go ENG Girl and Go CODE Girl programs are being coordinated by the Ontario Network of Women in Engineering (ONWiE) with the support of the Council of Ontario Deans of Engineering (CODE). All Faculties and Schools of Engineering are working together to encourage young women to discover exciting opportunities in engineering and to ensure that old stereotypes of the profession are dispelled. 

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Saturday, January 30th 2020

Grades 7-10

2 sessions - 150 attendees each

Session 1 (Beginner): 9:30AM - 11:30PM

Session 2 (Intermediate): 12:30PM - 2:30PM


15 Minutes - Welcome & Attendance

15 Minutes - Opening remarks

20 Minutes - PowerPoint Presentation in Breakout Rooms

50 Minutes - Guided Project in Breakout rooms

20 Minutes - Debrief, Q&A, and closing remarks

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